Permanent loadings for Belarus, Russia and Turkey and back  !!! +40741 375 598 - 24/7/365

Minimal costs

We constantly provide large volumes of cargo carriers. We offer you services at better prices that you could negotiate directly with them


Maximum safety

We work with certified carriers, strong companies both from Romania and  from Rusia, Belarus. your cargo is safe throughout the transport.

Minimum transit of goods

We work together with dozens of transport companies and we quickly choose the  best solution for you!


Lincor Trans is a transport house specialized in international goods transportation. Lincor Trans was reborn from our concern to provide our customers with quality and expertise in international and domestic transportation of goods.

Our Services

  • Road freight transport in full truck load (FTL) or less than truckload (LTL)
  • Road freight transport for perishable goods with refrigerated trucks with controlled temperature (refrigeration or freezing)
  • Timber transport.
  • Textiles transport, light products and of volume garments